iHerb Promo Codes and Discount Coupons

Get a 20% discount for the 1st and repeated order!

The iHerb promo code discount is valid for any order and amounts to 20% for new and regular customers.


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🎁 Number of promo codes on iHerb More than 100
✍ Frequency of updating promo codes Once a week
📌 Latest bonus update
✔ Sign up bonus 20$ bonus
🏷️ Promo code for free shipping Available on the website
🎁 Unique coupons 40
🔐 Access to promo codes Fee

The most popular health and wellness product platform has been in the industry for over 25 years, and its mission was to deliver high-quality and affordable health products to people all over the world. iHerb has become popular in hundreds of countries, and that is why getting health and wellness products become so accessible for many people, making the mission of the brand a reality.

The famous brand delivers the products to over 185 countries in more than 80 currencies and offers around 40 payment options. The company receives more than 11 million active customers who are constantly making purchases on the platform, use promo codes to get extra products or discounts, as well as receive many rewards.

iHerb promo codes
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Best iHerb Promo Codes for March 2023

Below we have prepared the best iHerb coupon codes for March 2023 that can help you save money on your next purchase from iHerb. Best iHerb codes are available for many brands that are known to anyone in the world, including Acure, Aveeno, Eucerine, Nubian Heritage, and so many others.

Promo code name Promo code bonus Conditions Promo code
Discount on the whole order 5% on a regular or first order Register on the site and place an order for any amount VFP959
First order discount 20% Register and place your first order NEW20
Nature's Answer Supplement Discount 15% Place an order for Nature's Answer brand products NTA15
Discount on the whole order 10% Place an order for $60 GOLD60
Discount on La Tourangelle brand products 15% Add to shopping cart for La Tourangelle brand products LATOUR15
Discount on products for children from Gerber 20% Place an order for Gerber brand products GBABY20
Garden of Life Supplement Discount 20% Place an order for Garden of Life brand products 15GOL
Earthtone Foods Supplement Discount 15% Place an order for Earthtone Foods brand products ERTSAVE15
Discount on Trace Minerals Brand Supplements 20% Add Trace Minerals products to cart TRACE20
Sovereign Silver Supplement Discount 15% Place an order for Sovereign Silver brand products SILVER15
Discount Codes
March 2023

iHerb Discount Codes for Your Purchases

iHerb discount coupons are available, giving you an extra discount on your purchases for specific brands and categories of the platform. You can get up to 50% discount on specific products when using the corresponding and available coupon code. Shopping with an additional discount is always enjoyable, and that is what iHerb delivers to its customers every day.

20% on Unilever brands

Discount on Unilever brand products

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

iHerb Discount Code for Existing Customers

There are loyalty programs for existing and returning customers on iHerb. You can always sign up for their rewards program and get more perks and advantages. When signing up for the reward program, you can get an iHerb coupon code for returning customers and earn a 5% discount on all purchases. You can also receive an iHerb loyalty code when you leave a review on the product you make and earn 11$ for each review.

10% when ordering from 60$

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝
iHerb promo codes and coupons
March 2023

Not only can you find the most famous health and wellness brands on this platform, but you can also have a chance to get those products with the special promo codes that are available on our platform. iHerb coupon codes are special promotional offers created to allow you to make your purchases from the platform and get extra discounts whenever you apply the corresponding coupon code. Depending on the product you buy or the category you choose, you can find an available promo code that will allow you to get a special offer and reduce an extra % off your purchase. The codes are randomly generated for each special offer and may include both letters and numbers. Apart from getting discounts when purchasing specific products, you can also get coupons with exclusive offers.

New iHerb Promo Codes

New iHerb codes are being updated on our platform every day so that you can find the most up-to-date offers online. Hence, you can check the availability of the new codes every time you purchase from iHerb.

Once we update the new promo codes, we also remove the outdated ones, so that you do not have any inconvenience during your checkout from the brand's website.

15% on EpiCor

Discount on supplements from EpiCor

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

20% on Twinings

Discount on Twinings food products

Expiration date: 30 March

Use Promo Code ➝

Are There Any iHerb Promo Codes First Order?

Yes! You can get a special discount on your first order when signing up on the platform and making your first purchase. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the special iHerb welcome code, which will give you an extra discount on your first order. Please note that the discount code can be used only once and only on your first order.

5% on first order

until March 31

Use Promo Code ➝

20% on first order

until March 31

Use Promo Code ➝

iHerb Food Promo Codes

Apart from health products, supplements, and beauty products, you can also find food on iHerb. Special coupons are available for various foods, such as chocolate bars, tea, syrups, and various other groceries.

15% on La Tourangelle

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

iHerb Supplement Promo Codes

iHerb provides hundreds of supplements to people who want to improve their health and well-being. You can choose your supplements by category and type and use the special codes to get your discount at the checkout.

15% on Garden of Life

Expiration date: 29 March

Use Promo Code ➝

15% on Earthtone Foods

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

15% Sovereign Silver

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

iHerb Promo Codes for Baby Products

Baby products are also available on iHerb, and you can get them with the promo codes on our platform. With iHerb coupons, you can get baby products for children's health, feeding, teething, skin, haircare, etc.

20% on Gerber

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

iHerb Promo Codes for Cosmetics

Beauty products are never a miss on iHerb. You can find many popular brands that offer special iHerb coupons, such as Maybelline, ELF, L'Oreal, and many others. You can choose products by their ingredients, category, and type.

15% on RoC

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

15% on Desert Essence

Expiration date: 31 March

Use Promo Code ➝

iHerb Promo Codes for Free or Reduced Shipping

Free shipping is available with iHerb codes that are regularly updated on our platform. Just check the availability of the coupon and get your purchase with free or reduced shipping costs at no minimum order value.

When ordering from 20$

Get Discount ➝

How to Choose iHerb Promo Codes?

Here on our platform you will find many iHerb promotion codes, which you can use whenever you buy something from their official website. The promo codes will allow you to save money on various products you choose. The range of the discounts may vary from 10% to 50%. Additionally, you can also receive a specific amount of money whenever you buy products of particular categories or brands. With that said, there are several ways to choose the iHerbcom coupon codes and use them during checkout.

  1. Check the categories for the discounts. You can check if there are any specific categories, the products of which can be purchased at an extra discount with the special codes. The coupons can be available for supplements, baby products, beauty products, etc.
  2. Check for specific brands. There are hundreds of brands listed on the iHerb website and each brand provides specific products for the customers. Looking for an available coupon code for the specific brand you are shopping from can give you special discounts or perks.
  3. Exclusive offers. Exclusive deals, such as free shipping, additional products, or rewards are also available with promo codes. So don't miss your chance of getting something more with your purchase.

Main Types of iHerb Promotional Codes and Coupons

There are various types of special promo codes on iHerb that provide discounts and exclusive offers when used properly. Apart from getting extra discounts on your purchases, you can also get free shipping, gifts, and many other deals. Not only can you get promotional codes and coupons that will give you a specific amount of discounts for various products, but you can also receive extra discounts on your first purchase, newsletter signup, referral program, etc.

iHerb New Customer Codes for the First Order

iHerb provides special coupons for customers who are new to the platform. If you are shopping from the website for the first time, you can use the iHerb promo code for new customers to get your special discount of 20%. The idea behind having this special offer is to encourage the customer to get the products they want at an extra discount. The coupon code is provided by the company once you sign up for the checkout and it is available for all types of purchases as long as you are a new customer. The discount amount may vary. However, you will always find a special offer for your very first purchase from iHerb. Once you choose the products you want to get from the website, you will need to copy the coupon code you got and paste it at the specific area of the checkout page. After you submit the code, you will see how the total amount changes based on the discount you got. This code is for one-time use for each new customer. This is a great chance for those who want to buy something from this platform and get an additional discount on the products they buy, regardless of the category, brand, or type of product.

How to Get and Activate a Promo Code for a New Client in iHerb?

If you decide to make your first order from iHerb, you have the advantage of getting an extra discount with the special iHerb first-time promo code, which is available on our platform. All you need to do is to enter the official website of iHerb, place the items you want to buy on the cart, and go to the checkout page. Simultaneously, you should enter our website and find the iHerb page with the promo codes. The iHerb first purchase code will be available for you to copy and head to the checkout page of the website. You will see a special area where you can paste the iHerb coupon code first order, which you previously copied from our website, and submit it. Once the system checks the iHerb discount code first order, you will see the change in the total amount of your purchase based on the discount you got. With only these few easy steps, you will save money, which you can spend on purchasing other items. The iHerb promo code 1st order is a great advantage for customers who are making their purchases for the first time, regardless of the product they get.

iHerb Discount Coupons for Your Purchases

There are three main ways to get special offers from iHerb. With the special promo codes from our platform, you can either get a specific discount for your purchases, receive a particular amount of money, or get extra products at checkout. The most requested and used coupons for iHerb are with the special iHerb savings codes, which allow people to get extra discounts on the products they get. The discounts with the promo codes can start from 5% to 50%. The iHerb discount promo codes and their amounts may vary based on the products and brands you get your products from. So it is necessary to check if the promo code you got will work with the items you want to purchase. All the promo codes for iHerb are up-to-date and available for your online purchase on our platform. With the discount codes you get from our website, you will always get an extra % off your purchases and save money. This way, you will know that anytime you make an online purchase from iHerb, you have an available coupon code to get a special discount for the products you want to acquire. The discount codes are available for health and beauty products, food, supplements, vitamins, and many other items available on the official website of iHerb.

iHerb discount code

What Discount Codes Does iHerb Offer?

There are many code iHerb discounts, which are available all the time for their customers, such as first-time orders, clearances, brands of the week for a 20% discount, all orders over 60$, etc. iHerb discount vouchers are available on our platform, and constantly updating for you to have the most current options online. With the iHerb discount coupon code for the first order, you can get a 20% discount on all your purchases from the website. Another iHerb savings code will allow you to save 10% from your purchase on every order over 60$. There are also specific brands each week, which will give you 20% discounts with the best iHerb discount codes.

iHerb Promo Codes with Mobile App

iHerb has a mobile application, which makes your online shopping more convenient and easy. And there are special iHerb app promo codes, which are available only when you purchase the products from the mobile application. You can check the special iHerb app discount codes on our platform and use them on your purchases with the app. The discounts can go up to 50% depending on the products you buy. This way, not only will you have easy access to your orders and purchases, but you will also have a chance to get extra discounts with the available iHerb mobile app promo codes. Whenever you look for a promo code for iHerb, make sure to check if the coupons for the mobile app are available, as they will allow you to get extra discounts and make your shopping more pleasant.

iHerb Promo Codes for Free Shipping

Free shipping is also available with the special promo codes that are available on our platform. Regardless of the order value you have, there are iHerb free shipping codes, which can give you free shipping on all your orders.

iHerb Reward Code

iHerb has a special reward program for those who constantly make purchases from their platforms. And joining this program gives its customers a lot of perks. When using the iHerb rewards discounts, you can get special offers on various products and items. You can get special perks whenever you refer a friend, leave a review on the products you bought, or answer the questions asked by other customers on the platform. With the iHerb referral code, you can get 10$ worth of credit every time you refer a friend. With this special iHerb friend code, you and your friend can get a little special offer from iHerb and have a lovely shopping experience. If you want to use your points, you can redeem them on many products available on the platform. You can also check if you have any iHerb rewards pending, which can also be redeemed later or cashed out if you have 100$ or more credit.

How to Use and Activate iHerb Promo Code in 2023?

Here at Yours Herbs, you can find the most requested and up-to-date iHerb promotion codes, which can be used any time you make a purchase. You need to take into account that not all coupons are always available. However, we always provide the most current and latest coupon codes on our platform. There are many iHerb vouchers for 2023, which you can use this year on your purchases of various products and brands from iHerb. You will only need to follow a few steps to activate the iHerb online coupon codes and get your special offers. Once you pick the products you want to get from the website, check the availability of the coupons on our platform and choose the most suitable one. Head to the checkout page of iHerb and find the area where you should apply the code. iHerb apply promo code will reduce the total amount of your purchase based on the code you got, and you will only pay for the discounted amount. After you submit the code and see the discounted total, you can proceed with the checkout and get your products with the special offer. The steps of activating the promo codes for iHerb are very easy and straightforward, which can allow you to get up to 50% discount on your purchases from the platform. And you can always check for new promo codes that will give you special prices for your online shopping from iHerb.

iHerb promo code

Can Promos Be Combined with Other iHerb Promotions?

You should note that the iHerb savings codes cannot be combined with the already existing discounts on the website. If you have a special iHerb voucher code and want to purchase something already discounted, the system will choose the highest discount available for that product. So if the product you want to buy has a special discount, but your iHerb offer code gives a higher discount, you can use the code and the other way around. If the product's discount is higher than the promo code's discount, it will not be applied to your purchase.

Unique iHerb Promo Codes for Yours-Herbs

All of the iHerbs promotion codes you see on our platform are unique and cannot be found on any other platform. That is why we always aim to provide the most up-to-date promo code on iHerb and keep our services on the highest level. Our experts always check for the availability of new vouchers and update the list of the iHerb promo coupons with every new addition. You will never see an outdated or dysfunctional promo code for any brand and company, as we always keep an eye on the vouchers that are shown on our platform. We guarantee the uniqueness and functionality of the promo codes at Yours Herbs for iHerb and the rest of the brands we are working with.

Long term offers
iHerb other promotions

iHerb Secret Discounts

iHerb secret discounts are available for those who sign up for the newsletter of the company. Occasionally, the company sends over newsletters not only with the new products and brands but it also provides secret coupon codes for an extra discount on your next purchase. Those special iHerb discounts can also be found on our platform whenever they are available. So this is another great option for you to check the availability and use it for your purchase from iHerb.

iHerb Discounts on Supplements (and more)

10% for new products

New products (supplements, cosmetics, foods, etc.).

until March 31

Trial product with iHerb for $1

Try something new for $1.

until March 30

10% Discounts in iHerb

Here at Yours Herbs, you can find special iHerb 10 off codes, which will allow you to get an extra 10% discount on your purchases. Such iHerb 10 discounts are available for purchases on specific brands, first orders, purchases over 60$, and many other deals. iHerb 10 promo codes are always up-to-date on our platform, giving you a chance to save money on your shopping.

10% for new products

New products (supplements, cosmetics, foods, etc.).

until March 31

15% Discounts in iHerb

iHerb provides 15% discounts on many of their products, whenever you use the special iHerb 15 discount codes. You can get iHerb 15 off on Superfoods, specific brands, such as Nature's answer, Weleda Natural, and many other popular health and beauty brands. You can get your iHerb promo code 15 off on our platform and use it during the checkout.

20% Discounts in iHerb

Whenever you use the special iHerb 20 off codes, you can save 20% for products of the brands Zahler vitamins and supplements, Jarrow Formulas and Natrol, Fish oil supplements, and various other products. We make sure to provide the latest iHerb 20 off coupons for you to have the most enjoyable online shopping from iHerb. Our promo codes will bring iHerb 20 off on your purchases from the particular products on the website.

20% off face moisturizers and creams

Face moisturizers & creams are available for dry, oily or combination skin.

20% off Brain & Cognitive Health Products

Promotional items: omega-3, vitamin D3 and other Natrol supplements.

20% off brands of the week

Up to 20 popular brands.

25% Discounts in iHerb

We provide iHerb 25 promo codes for you to get a 25% discount on your purchases from iHerb. The most demanded brands that deliver iHerb 25 off include various vitamins and supplements as well as beauty products. You can also get iHerb 25 percent off on your first purchase, when using the corresponding coupon on our website. This iHerb welcome 25 voucher is available for those who will make their first order on the website or the app. iHerb 25 discount codes are constantly updated on our website for you to make sure to get the discounts on your order.

30% Discounts in iHerb

You can get 30% discounts with the special iHerb 30 off voucher codes that are available on our platform. Make sure to check the availability every time you buy something from iHerb.

50% Discounts in iHerb

There are special vouchers for 50% discounts when you use the iHerb promo code 50 that are available at Yours Herbs. With the iHerb 50 off codes, you can get beauty products, best selling vitamins, supplements, and many other health products. These great deals will give you a 50% discount whenever you use the special codes from our platform.

- 50% off on certain items

Sale of leftovers.

iHerb First Order Discounts for New Customers

iHerb provides special discounts for its new customers on their first order. You can use the iHerb new customer discount on your first purchase regardless of the amount of the order or type of the products you want to get. You can get a special 20% deal when using the iHerb new account discount from our platform. You can also get the discount when you sign up on iHerb and get the iHerb sign up discount code on your email address. The iHerb first purchase discount amount can be changed depending on the occasion. However, the brand always makes sure to provide this special perk to its first customers. The discount you get for the first order cannot be combined with the already existing discount if the amount is higher than the provided coupon code. You can use this particular discount only once on the first purchase. Once you fill in your cart, you can go to the checkout page, paste the coupon code for the first purchase, and submit it. After you see the changed amount to be paid, continue with the payment and get the products with your special discount. There are no limitations on the amount of the first purchase or the products you want to get while using the promo code for the first order.

iHerb Loyalty Discounts

iHerb provides loyalty discounts to its loyal and frequent customers as well. If you want to purchase something from the website more than once, you can get your iHerb existing customer discount, which can give you a 5% discount. This iHerb 5% discount code will be a nice bonus to your purchase. You can check the availability of the iHerb discount code for existing customers, and use them on many products demonstrated on the official website. Various health and beauty products, as well as food, baby products, and pet products, are available with this special discount code.

Review the products you've purchased on iHerb and earn a bonus for each review after approval.

Get Discount ➝

Answer questions posted by other customers or visitors regarding the products you have purchased in the past.

Get Discount ➝

Trial product with iHerb for $1.

Get Discount ➝

iHerb Birthday Discounts

Currently, there are no special iHerb birthday discounts available on the platform. However, you can always keep an eye on the updates provided by the brand to see if there are any changes. Whenever there is a birthday discount availability, you can use the discount codes to get a special offer on your birthday.

iHerb Student Discounts

Since there are already many special discounts for all products on iHerb, there are no specific iHerb student discounts. All the promo codes that are available on our platform can be used by anyone who wants to purchase something from this particular website. In case of any updates about the special discounts for students, we will certainly add the promo codes for our student users to have a chance to use them too.

Combo Discounts

with a joint purchase

On the official website of the brand, you will find combo offers, which will allow you to save more money with the special iHerb discounts. There are secret bundles that can be received with an additional discount whenever you use the special promo codes from our platform. You can combine various products during your shopping to get special discounts. There are specific brands that will give you those discounts if you purchase something along with them.

$3 Off iHerb Probiotics

The discount will only work if you add probiotics to your order along with some other iHerb product.

How Do I Know if a Combo Discount Has Worked?

Whenever you order a product along with other particular brands, you can get an extra discount at the checkout. Once you add the products to your cart and proceed to checkout, you will see that the total amount is discounted based on the special offer you get. So if you buy anything from the beauty category and add an Azelique Anti-Aging Collagen Serum to your shopping cart, you can get a special discount on your checkout.

Max Discount on iHerb

The maximum discount on iHerb has been 50%. However, they can go up to 70% depending on the occasion and the season. You may find many special offers and deals, which will allow you to get the products for 50% to 70% less than their actual prices with the special iHerb discount codes we provide at Yours Herbs. Whenever this option of the voucher is available, we will update the codes for you to have a successful and enjoyable checkout on your next purchase from the platform.

iHerb Brands of the Week

iHerb has a special offer for its customers, providing iHerb weekly deals on specific brands each week. You can check the brands of the week that are available with a 20% discount on your purchases from those specific brands. This special offer gets updated every Wednesday at 10 AM, and you can check brands that are under special offers on that particular day every week. The offer of the brands of the week is not possible to combine with any other offers, which means that you cannot use any special promo codes when getting this special deal. The voucher codes for this special offer are always available on our platform as well as on the official website of iHerb. So make sure to check the brands that are applicable for this offer, and don't miss your chance to get something for yourself.

iHerb Promotions

There are a variety of iHerb promotions on our platform, which will allow you to get your products at a special discount. Depending on the category or the brand you pick from the wide list available on the platform, you will get a chance to use a promo code that will give you up to a 50% discount. Apart from the discounts, you can also get points and redeem them later or get free shipping with no minimum order value.

Sales on iHerb

You may always find sales and special offers on the official website of iHerb. Whether the sales are for a specific brand or a particular category, there's always a special deal on the website. You can check all the available special offers on iHerb's app and website by looking through the Specials section on the main menu. The discounts can reach up to 40% and more.

Holiday Sales on iHerb

Holiday sales are also another highlight of the platform. Here, you can find extraordinary deals on each holiday, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Black Friday.

  • Christmas holidays. The most wonderful time of the year, when everyone prepares presents for their family and friends. iHerb always prepares special deals and discounts of up to 50% during the Christmas season to make your Christmas shopping more pleasant.
  • Black Friday. On Black Friday, the special discounts can reach up to 70% on iHerb, allowing you to get the products you want at an additional discount. Black Friday is always the most demanded period for shopping on this platform as all the products have a special offer.
  • National holidays. On many National holidays, iHerb provides special discounts to its customers, allowing them to get their desired products at an extra low cost. The discounts can reach up to 50% depending on the deals.
iHerb discounts and coupons

Yours-Herbs Tips for Saving Money on iHerb Shopping

Here at Yours Herbs we always want you to have special discounts to save money on your purchases from iHerb. That is why we always provide the latest promo codes that are 100% functional and unique. Getting health and beauty products has become an unconditional part of our lives. And if there is a chance to get those products at a special price, it makes your shopping experience even better. We all know how pricy health products can be. However, Yours Herbs provides special coupons that will give you discounts for your purchases from iHerb. This way, supplements, vitamins, superfoods, and many other health products are more accessible and affordable. Therefore, you can always check for a special voucher code on our platform to get your special discount at iHerb. You will always find something useful for your purchase from this platform and get the required products at lower costs. Using the promo codes shown on our platform will help you save more money, which you can use later for other purchases. Additionally, there are also special perks and rewards on iHerb, which can help you save money by leaving reviews, answering other customers' questions about the products you specifically used, and many other ways. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you save money on your next purchase from iHerb.