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Taking various vitamins is essential for every individual at various stages of their age. According to many scientists and researchers, vitamins not only help with your health but also with your skin, immune system, and psychological health. Some of the most highlighted benefits that many different vitamins can bring are healthy aging, improvements in eyesight, and bone strength as well as reduction of anxiety and stress, and so much more. Vitamins can be taken either individually or as a complex. However, it is always important to check up with your doctor before taking some of the vitamins, such as vitamins A, K, B, D, etc. However, you can also take many different supplements and complexes that do not require any prior consultation with a doctor. Such vitamin iHerb are provided over the counter and can be easily found in many platforms and stores. iHerb is the best place to find thousands of types of vitamins and brands and choose the one that you prefer the most. Whether you already know which exact product you want, or you want to explore and check your options, iHerb can bring you a wide variety of options to choose from. The platform will certainly allow you to find the vitamin you are looking for.

Why buy vitamins on iHerb?

iHerb has become one of the most popular platforms to get vitamins and supplements. One of the main reasons is that the warehouses of the company are located in the United States, and all customers can make their orders very quickly and get them within a few days. Apart from this, there are various other benefits that you can get when purchasing vitamins from iHerb.

  1. Wide selection — Here, you will be able to find thousands of brands and vitamin types. If you want to find something specific to your requirements, you can put filters on the platform and find the corresponding products. With a great selection of options, anyone can find a vitamin that meets their requirements.
  2. Honest reviews — The platform provides an amazing feature of leaving a review about the products. And all customers leave honest and individual reviews for the vitamins as well. This way, purchasing the specific vitamin becomes much easier, as you are able to read the real comments of the customers about the particular products and see what changes they have noticed after taking them.
  3. Discounts — iHerb makes your shopping experience more fun with various discounts and special offers. This means that the vitamins can also be purchased with an extra discount depending on the offers and brands you want to get. You can either check the special sale section of the platform or look through the special offers section of the official website.
  4. Popular brands — Having hundreds of vitamin brands available on the platform, iHerb allows its customers to choose the one they prefer the most. Some of the most popular and commonly purchased vitamin brands are California Gold Nutrition, Now Foods, Natrol, 21st Century, Doctor's Best, and so much more.
  5. Range of vitamins and complexes — Here, you will be able to find various types of vitamins, including Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium, as well as B12, Biotin, Omega 3 6 9, Vitamin E, and hundreds of more. You can either get those vitamins as single capsules or get them as a complex combined. Some of the most demanded vitamins on the platform is Vitamin C.

Tips for Choosing Vitamin C iHerb

Our bodies require vitamins constantly. This means that whether you are taking it through your daily food or as a vitamin pill, you should get your daily dose regularly. Being an antioxidant, this particular vitamin allows our bodies to remove the toxins from our immune system and keep it high.

Taking vitamins regularly will help you become more active, get a slick body, as well as improve your skin condition, and overall health. Choosing the best vitamins can be a tough thing. Since there are so many options available for customers, it is important to keep in mind several remarks and criteria, based on which you will be able to find the best vitamins for you. Therefore, before getting vitamins, make sure to understand a few points, such as:

  • What is the reason you want to take vitamins?
  • What dosage will you take?
  • How do you want to take it?
  • How long do you want to take vitamins?

These are only a few questions that you can answer. However, along the way of your research, you will surely get more questions. Luckily, we have prepared a list of answers for all the possible criteria that you might have for all types of vitamins, be they individual or complex.

Criteria by which we evaluated vitamin complexes and individual vitamins on iHerb for our rating

These criteria are made based on various questions that many people ask when looking for the best iHerb vitamin to take. Some of the most frequently checked details are for the composition, dosage, application terms, versatility, manufacturing country, and so much more.


Although vitamins are available in the foods we daily take, sometimes, vitamins in pill form are also required for us to take. Therefore, checking the composition of the vitamins you take is very important. This way, you will be able to understand what amount of vitamins are included in the pill and what composition it has. It is a great tip to check the percentage of the vitamin that you most want for the effect. So, if you want to take a vitamin B complex, check what percentages of vitamin B are per serving.


The country of manufacturing, as well as the brand of the vitamin also plays a great role in its quality. To make sure that you are using vitamins from the best manufacturer, try to do some research and see which brands are the best. It can be checked through the reviews of the customers as well as doctors' recommendations. The quality of the vitamins from various manufacturing companies may differ. Therefore, to make the best choice, it is the best practice to do research and see which brands have the best vitamins. Some of the most frequently used and demanded manufacturers are from the USA and UK. The most popular brands that people choose their vitamins from are Now, Ritual, Full Well, Thorne, and many others.

Dosage and method of application

There are various requirements for dosages and methods of application for each vitamin. For example, some vitamins should be taken early in the morning before taking any food, whereas others should be taken during consuming food. vitamins such as vitamin D are best consumed when taken during the morning hours, before mid-day. Iron will work best if taken at night. The dosage of each vitamin is different as well. Depending on the vitamin duration you will take, the dosage may differ. The dosage is also different for different ages. This way, kids should take a lower dosage of vitamins, whereas higher dosages of vitamins will be best for elderly people.

Term of application

The vitamins also have different terms of application. Some of the vitamins come in gel forms, others in pressed powder, and not to mention various creams and lotions you can get with different vitamins. And with these variations of vitamins, the applications can be different as well. So, if you decide to take any type of vitamin on a daily basis for a particular period of time, it is important to check its terms of application and make sure that you follow them to get the best possible results.

Doctors reviews

Checking the reviews of the vitamins is another criterion that everyone should follow when looking for the best vitamin. The doctors will give you the best advice on this topic. Although choosing the manufacturer of the vitamin is up to you, you can check the reviews of the doctors about the specific vitamins, their advantages, as well side effects. This way, you will be perfectly informed about the vitamin, its benefits, as well as how it will change your health and daily routine.


Although we say that vitamins are good for your health, body, and immune system, sometimes some of the vitamins cannot be consumed due to various contraindications. It is very important to check all the details before you start taking any vitamins as there can be some restrictions for you. To give an example, Vitamin d cannot be taken by individuals who have kidney stones, high amounts of calcium, decreased kidney functions, etc. At the same time, vitamin C should not be taken by people who have various blood disorders.

Effect of taking vitamin

The effects that vitamins bring with them can be shown after a few weeks of taking them. You will immediately see some changes in your health, mood, and activity. By taking Zinc, you will notice changes in your immune system, gain proteins as well as see that your wounds heal faster as it affects the growth of the damaged tissues. By taking Calcium, you will notice that your bones, teeth, and nails become stronger, as well as you feel less pain in your muscles.


Some vitamins will require a doctor's prescription for the dosages. Therefore, it is important to know all the details before ordering any vitamin. If you think you need any additional consultation or advice from a doctor, make sure to check everything beforehand. This way, you will be sure that the vitamins you want to take will improve your health and immune system and will not cause any further issues.


Each vitamin is best for some part of the immune system or body. However, most vitamins have versatile benefits. Therefore, choosing a vitamin that can be good for a few parts of your health is the best option. This way, with many different vitamins, you will be able to improve various issues related to your health and immune system.

The best vitamins on iHerb according to YoursHerbs experts

According to YoursHerbs experts, iHerb has many great vitamins available on the platform. However, the top 15 vitamins are:

  1. Solaray, Vitamin C — This Vitamin C also includes RoseHip and Acerola. Each capsule includes 1,000 mg of vitamin C and the package has 100 Tablets
  2. Swanson, Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D — This iHerb multivitamin package includes 250 Tablets, which should be taken twice a day.
  3. Life Extension, Super Omega 3 — The package of this manufacturer comes with 60-240 Softgels of Omega 3, which you can take twice a day.
  4. Natrol, Biotin — To get the maximum biotin strength, you can get Natrol's option which comes with 100 tablets of 10,000 mcg of biotin each.
  5. NOW Foods, Folic Acid — Another great vitamin for women is Folic Acid. This particular folic acid comes in 250 Tablets.
  6. Solgar, B-Complex "100" — B Complex is one of the most demanded vitamin complexes for iHerb customers. The package comes in 100- 250 Vegetable Capsules.
  7. 21st Century Vitamin E — One of the best Vitamin E is from the 21st century. The package has 110 Soft Gels with 180 mg of vitamin E.
  8. California Gold Nutrition, Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C, Type I & III — Another great multivitamin that includes Vitamin C and Collagen is from California Gold Nutrition. The package comes in 250 Tablets, which can be taken 6 times daily.
  9. NOW Foods, Calcium & Magnesium — Next on our list is from Now Foods. This Calcium and Magnesium complex can be gotten in a package of 250 Tablets and taken three times daily.
  10. Nature's Bounty, Gentle Iron — everyone knows how important iron is for our health system. Nature's bounty Iron comes in 90 Capsules with 28 g of iron in each of them. The capsule should be taken once a day.
  11. Zahler, Magnesium — You can take Zahler's magnesium to strengthen your bones and muscles. The package comes in 250 Capsules.
  12. Solgar, Zinc Picolinate — This particular package has 100 Tablets, which should be taken once a day.
  13. California Gold Nutrition, Immune System Support — The package contains 180 Veggie Capsules with multivitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Selenium.
  14. Thorne Research, Whey Protein Isolate — This chocolate-flavored whey protein weighs 906 g and is great for muscle strength.
  15. Nature's Bounty, Acidophilus Probiotic — This probiotic comes in 120 or 200 tablets and should be consumed once a day.

The best vitamin complexes on iHerb according to YoursHerbs experts

Vitamin complexes are very important for everyone's health. Below we have prepared a list of the best iHerb vitamin complexes that you can find on the platform.

  1. Sundown Naturals, B-Complex — This complex with B vitamins will be the best choice for your immune system. The package comes in 100 Tablets, which should be taken once a day.
  2. 21st Century, B-Complex Plus Vitamin C — This particular complex not only includes B vitamins but also as vitamin C. The package comes in 100 Tablets. The daily dosage is one capsule per day.
  3. Nature's Bounty, Super B-Complex with Folic Acid Plus Vitamin C, — Another excellent combination of vitamin complexes that have Vitamin B, C, and Folic acid. You will get 150 Coated Tablets in the package.
  4. Zahler, Iron Complex, Advanced Iron Complex — Next on our list is Iron Complex, which has a non-constipating effect. The package comes in 100 Capsules.
  5. MegaFood, Complex C — Vitamin C complex is great for your health and immune system. There are 60- 180 Tablets in the package, which you should take once a day.
  6. Solgar, Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex — The best Hyaluronic acid is from Solgar which also includes Collagen. The package comes in 30 Tablets.
  7. Healths Harmony, Moringa Complex — One of the best immune boosters is Moringa complex which contains great nutrients for your body. The package comes in 60-120 Capsules and should be taken once a day.
  8. Country Life, Carotenoid Complex, — Coming in 60 Softgels, Carotenoid Complex from Country life is the best antioxidant that supports the immune system.
  9. Sports Research, Multi Collagen Complex — This multi-collagen complex will give your skin and hair hydration. The package comes in 90 Capsules.
  10. Solgar, Herbal Female Complex — The best vitamin complex for female health includes 50 Vegetable Capsules and should be taken once a day

Best Children's Vitamins on iHerb

Vitamins for Children are very essential. Therefore, they should take various types of vitamins from the very first day they are born. The best baby vitamins on iHerb come with various tastes and are much easier to consume.

  1. BioGaia, Protectis, Baby Drops — These baby drops have Vitamin D and are great for colic and digestive comfort with Vitamin D. The package comes in 0.34 fl oz.
  2. Oslomega, Kid’s Omega-3 — Everyone knows how important vitamin Omega 3 is for kids. This Fish Oil comes with natural strawberry-flavored 60 Fish Gelatin Softgels.
  3. Nature's Way, Alive! Kid's Chewable Multivitamin — This is the best multivitamin iHerb that has Orange and Berry flavors. The package comes in 120 Chewable Tablets and has Vitamin A, C, D, E, and so much more.
  4. Solaray, Kids Vitamins & Minerals — These chewable gummies have a natural black cherry flavor. The package includes 120 Chewables.
  5. Nature's Way, Alive! Kids — This iHerb multi vitamin contains vitamins C, D, B, and Niacin. The gummies have cherry, orange, and grape flavors and come in a package of 60 Gummies.
  6. ChildLife, Essentials — Calcium and Magnesium are also important for kids to take at a young age. This Liquid Calcium and Magnesium vitamin has a natural Orange flavor for babies to drink easily. The package comes in 16 fl oz (473 ml).
  7. Natural Factors, Vitamin D3 Drops — Another great Vitamin D drop is from natural Factors. This one is unflavored and comes in a 15 ml bottle with 10 mcg of vitamin D3.
  8. NaturesPlus, Source of Life, Animal Parade — The best Zinc Lozenges for kids come in tangerine flavors. The package comes in 90 animal-shaped lozenges.
  9. Natrol, Kids, Melatonin — These berry-flavored gummies are for kids ages 4+. The package comes in 60 gummies.
  10. MegaFood, Kids B Complex — And last but not least, the B complex for kids from Megafood comes in 30 Tablets and should be taken once a day.

Best Vitamins for women at iHerb

  1. 21st Century, One Daily Multivitamin — This iHerb women's vitamins is rich with various vitamins, including vitamins A, C, D3, E, B, Niacin, Folate, and so much more. The package comes with 100 tablets, which should be taken once a day.
  2. NOW Foods, Vitamin D-3 — The package comes from 30 to 360 soft gels and includes from 1000 IU to 50000 IU.
  3. California Gold Nutrition, Ferrochel Iron — Another great vitamin that has 90 capsules in the package with 36 mg of iron in each of it.
  4. Natural Factors, Vitamin C — This vitamin C has 90-180 capsules in the package and comes in 1000 mg of vitamin C.
  5. Doctor's Best, High Absorption Magnesium — This particular magnesium has 120-240 capsules in the package with 100 mg magnesium in each of them. This is an iHerb vegan multivitamin.
  6. Oslomega, Norwegian Omega 3-6-9 — This vitamin is rich in Borage Oil and has a Natural Lemon Flavor. The package includes 180 Softgels.
  7. Nature's Bounty Calcium — This brand provides iHerb women's multivitamin with Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin D3. The package comes with 100 Coated Caplets, which should be taken three times per day.
  8. Youtheory, Collagen — Another great supplement for women is collagen. This particular brand has 290 Tablets with 6000 mg collagen.
  9. Nature's way, Black cohosh — The package of Black Cohosh from Nature's Way has 180 Vegan Capsules, which should be taken once a day.
  10. Solgar, Evening Primrose Oil — And last but not least, Evening Primrose from Solgar comes with 60 soft gels, which should be taken once per day.

Best vitamins for men on iHerb

  1. Now Foods, L-citrulline — This vitamin has great benefits for muscle strength and the overall male immune system. It comes in 90 or 180 capsules to take either for 2 or 4 months.
  2. Doctor's Best, Magnesium — Magnesium can increase men's testosterone levels. Doctor's Best Magnesium comes in 240 capsules with 100 mg of magnesium each.
  3. Now Foods, L-Arginine — L-Arginine can help improve blood pressure as well as ED. The package comes in 100-250 capsules from 500 to 1000 mg
  4. Now Foods, Adam multivitamin — This multivitamin has 90 capsules in the package and includes Saw palmetto, lycopene, and grape seed extract.
  5. California Gold Nutrition, Omega 3 — This vitamin reduces blood pressure as well as cardiovascular diseases in men. This Omega three has 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA per capsule.
  6. 21st century Saw palmetto — Having great health benefits, this vitamin helps with prostate. The package comes with 60 capsules with 450 mg of saw palmetto.
  7. Natural Factors, Vitamin C — Another great iHerb men's multivitamin for men is Vitamin C from Natural factors, which comes in 90-180 capsules and contains 500-1000 mg of vitamin C per capsule.
  8. Life extension, Vitamin D — Vitamin D will help men improve the strength of their bones. Life Extension's vitamin D comes in 60 soft gels which should be taken once a day.
  9. California Gold Nutrition, Whey Protein — Another great vitamin for men is Whey protein. The package comes from 1 lb to 5 lbs in powder form.
  10. Nature's bounty, Ginseng — Nature's bounty's Ginseng has 75 capsules in the package, which should be taken twice a day.

Best hair vitamins on iHerb

Hair loss is a common problem, and many different vitamins can help you prevent it and make your hair healthier. We have prepared a list of hair vitamins that can help with your hair growth and health.

  1. Solgar, Nail, Hair, Skin — this vitamin complex will help you get thicker and healthier hair after you finish the course. It comes in 60 tablets, and you should take it twice a day.
  2. 21st century, Biotin — Biotin is a great vitamin for preventing hair loss. This product has 120 tablets with 10000 mcg of biotin.
  3. California Gold Nutrition, CollagenUp — This powder can bring great results after a few weeks. It is unflavored and has various sizes to choose from.
  4. Natrol, Biotin — Taking the iHerb hair growth vitamins with Biotin from Natrol once a day will help you improve the health of your hair. Comes with 100 tablets of 10.000 mcg of biotin.
  5. Now Foods, Collagen — This collagen powder supports hair growth. It comes in various sizes.
  6. Rejuvicare, Super Collagen — This brand offers a package of 90 capsules with 500 mg of collagen for healthier hair growth.
  7. Natrol, Hair Skin, Nails — Natrol has another great multivitamin for hair, skin, and nails that comes with a package of 60 capsules for a two-month supply.
  8. Now Foods, Extra strength biotin — Another great option for biotin is from Now Foods. It comes in 2 packages, 60 and 120 packages for a 2 or 4-month supply accordingly.
  9. Nature's bounty, Hair Skin, and Nails — These iHerb hair vitamin soft gels have biotin and are argan oil-infused, which will make your hair healthier. The package includes 150 liquid soft gels.
  10. Solgar, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid complex — The package includes 30 tablets to take one per day and get the best results of healthy hair within a month.

Best Pregnancy Vitamins at iHerb

Pregnancy is a great time for every woman. And to have a healthy 9-month journey, all pregnant women should take various vitamins. Below we have prepared the best iHerb pregnancy vitamins that are available on the platform:

  1. Now Foods, Folic acid — This is the most important vitamin that everyone should take while pregnant. It comes in 250 capsules, with 800 mcg of B-12.
  2. California Gold Nutrition, Iron — The capsules are 36 mg and the package has 90 capsules.
  3. Natural Factors, Calcium — Calcium is important, especially in the second half of the pregnancy. This manufacturer offers 90 capsules with 350 mg of Calcium
  4. Swanson, Vitamin D — Having 250 capsules in the package, Swanson provides 25 mcg of vitamin D in each of them.
  5. Solgar, Choline — 100 capsules in the count, this brand provides Choline in 350 mg.
  6. Now Foods, Omega 3 — The package comes with 280 and 90 capsules, each of them having 500 EPA and 250 DHA.
  7. Doctor's Best, Vitamin B Complex — Comes in 30 or 60 capsules, this vitamin b complex is vegan and has great benefits for pregnancy.
  8. California Gold Nutrition, Vitamin C — 1000 MG capsules are the best choice. This brand offers packages with 60 and 240 capsules.
  9. Now Foods, Iodine — Coming in 180 tablets, this package contains 225 mcg of iodine.
  10. Life extension, multivitamins — These soft gels contain DHA, Folic acid, and Choline. It is gluten-free and has 120 easy-to-swallow soft gels.

How to order vitamins on iHerb?

Ordering vitamins on the platform is very easy. You can search for the vitamins you are looking for either directly from the search box by typing the name of the vitamin or explore the vitamin section. The website offers you a great selection of vitamins and supplements. Once you have found the vitamins you want to order on iHerb, you should add them to your cart and place your order. However, make sure to check the reviews of the vitamins before buying them. Additionally, you should also choose the size of the box, dosage as well as any additional information. This way, you will be sure that the vitamin you have ordered from iHerb is the one that you were looking for. After you place your order, you will be able to get the vitamin within a few days and start taking it.

Consult your doctor!

It is important to remember that any vitamin can also cause harm to your health and body if you don't follow the instructions. Therefore, you should always consult with a doctor before taking any kind of medication, including vitamins. There are various contraindications, which do not allow many people to take particular vitamins. So, by consulting with your doctor and providing all the details and complaints about your health, you will be able to find the best vitamin or the complex, which will help you improve your health. The doctor will also help you choose the right dosage as well as the type of vitamin that will specifically be beneficial for your health.


⇒ How to take vitamins with iHerb?

To start taking your vitamins, you need to choose the best option on the platform. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including vitamin type, brand, dosage, and amount. iHerb will offer you vast options of available vitamins, including vitamin C, B complex, D, A, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, multivitamins, and so much more.

⇒ What is better to order vitamins or a vitamin complex at iHerb?

Depending on the reason you want to take the vitamins, you can either individual vitamins or complexes on iHerb. You can find many different options of both individual vitamins and complex vitamins on the platform that will help you make your health better and more productive.

⇒ How do iHerb vitamins work?

Before taking the vitamin, make sure to check the instructions and terms of application. Based on the dosage of the vitamins you get, you should take them in a particular order. You can either take the vitamins once, twice, or three times per day. Also, make sure to check how long the full course of the vitamin takes for you to take it accordingly. After finishing the course of the vitamin, you will see how it changed your health and overall feeling.

⇒ How many iHerb vitamins should I take?

Keep in mind that the dosage of each vitamin is different, and you should check how many vitamins are allowed to take for you. The restrictions can be available for many vitamins, and you should not exceed the daily allowed dosage or mix some vitamins together.

⇒ Where are vitamins located on the official iHerb website?

To make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable, the platform has provided a special section for vitamins. You can choose the vitamin you want from the extensive list of available options. The very first suggestion of the Shop section is for supplements, where you can find all the available vitamins.

How to save on shopping at iHerb?

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