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⏱ Promo code is up to date On March, 2023
📦 Gift with promo code Free delivery with iHerb
🍀 Unique promo code Periodically available on the page
🚚 Delivery methods Delivery points of transport companies, parcel lockers, courier
📌 What is needed for free delivery Make an order for the amount specified by the carrier or higher

iHerb has provided international shipping to more than 185 countries since 1996. The products you order are coming to you directly from the US warehouses in various cities, including California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. There are additional warehouses in South Korea and Hong Kong as well, which deliver the products to you with every purchase.

Depending on the region you are ordering the products from, iHerb will choose the quickest possible option that is also affordable for you to receive your products. There are several shipping options that are available for iHerb users. The shipping options are expedited, USPS by UPS, Next day UPS delivery. IHerb free shipping is a great option for everyone to save money on orders.

How to Get Free Shipping on iHerb

Depending on the country you are ordering from, the shipping price may vary. iHerb free shipping in the United States is available on all orders over 20$. However, there are some countries in the list of 185 where free shipping is not available even with coupon codes. If you are ordering from the US and your order cost is over 20$, you will automatically get the free shipping option. And if you look up a special coupon on our website, you can use it on all your orders regardless of the order value. Our platform constantly updates the list of coupons where you can find the special promo codes, and that is another option on how to get free shipping on iHerb.

iHerb Temporary Promotions with Free Shipping

Apart from the free shipping options with coupons and reaching the minimum order value, you can also find temporary iHerb free shipping options which can be available on various occasions. Some of the temporary options can be a combination of special discounts along with free shipping, seasonal free shipping, and various other options. You need to keep in mind that these promotions are not available all the time, so you need to keep an eye on the special deals to find the corresponding promo code and get the iHerb free shipping opportunity.

Items that Reset Shipping Costs

Whenever you make an online purchase from iHerb, you should keep in mind not only the total order value but also the weight of the order, and the limitations depending on your country. If your order has passed the limited weight for one order, your shipping costs may be changed. So you can always check the products with the autoship and save option, which will give you an extra discount as well as a free shipping opportunity. So whenever you are at the checkout page of the platform, check if the shipping costs have been reset with this special feature.

Products that Reset Shipping on iHerb

There are thousands of products that are available with the autoship and save option. Some of the brands that you can get with this special deal include Sierra Bees, Now food, Nature's way, Nuby, and so much more.

How to Place an Order with Goods that Reset the Delivery?

For you to find the products that are available with free delivery, you need to put a special filter, showing only the products of "Autoship and save." There are more than 25000 products available with this filter, including thousands of brands and types of products. This special feature will not only give you free shipping but you will also have a refill every month or period of your choice with an additional 5% discount. And in case you have any other discounts available for the order, the system will choose the highest discount to apply.

Free Shipping with iHerb When Ordering a Certain Amount

As we have already seen in the details below, the shipping costs may vary depending on the country you are purchasing the products of iHerb. Based on the location of the address you mention, you will be able to see the charges for the shipping. However, there is a special promotion for all orders over 20$, which allows users to receive free shipping. That is why, whenever you are ordering something from iHerb, make sure to check if the iHerb free delivery can be applied. There are also weight limitations for each order. Depending on the order the maximum weight can be up to 150 pounds.

Free Shipping Within the USA When Ordering Over $20

Free shipping in the United States of America is available on all orders over $20. The orders in entire North America can be delivered within 1-3 days. Since the main warehouses of iHerb are located in the USA, shipping can be arranged very quickly and without any inconveniences. There are three options for shipping, expedited, next-day, or USPS. Free shipping is available only with the expedited delivery option in the USA. You should also pay attention to the weight of the package you ordered, as additional charges may apply if the weight is over the specified limit.

Free Shipping to the UK When Ordering Over 18 GBP

There are three main delivery options to Great Britain - DHL, Hermes, and Landmark. You can get free shipping to Great Britain on all orders over 18 GBP. Whenever you make a purchase from the United Kingdom, make sure to check the restrictions related to supplement and vitamin deliveries, in order to have a smooth delivery from iHerb. All orders to the UK can be received within 7-14 days. Since the orders are coming directly from the US warehouses, transit times might change the delivery date depending on various circumstances.

Free Shipping to Canada When Ordering Over CA$70 with Landmark

You can order products from iHerb with two delivery options from DHL or Landmark. Free delivery is available on all orders over CA$70 when choosing the Landmark shipping option. Before you place your order, make sure to check the limitations that are set by the Canadian government regarding supplements, vitamins, and other health product imports. All your orders to Canada can be reached within 1-3 days. However, keep in mind that the delivery date may change since the products are being shipped from the US warehouses.

Free Shipping to Australia When Ordering Over AU$80

You can order products from iHerb from Australia, choosing two delivery options - shipping and PO box. Free shipping is available on all orders over AU$80. The shipping is arranged with four different opportunities: Global Air Home Delivery, Aramex, DHL express, or Australia post. The delivery to your PO box is arranged with the partner company, which is later completed by Australia post. You can also track your order with this delivery option. The orders to Australia are being delivered within 7 to 14 days. The Australian government puts restrictions on various products, such as powdered products, permits for dried beans, lentils, and various other foods. Therefore, make sure to check the list of the restrictions for Australia, before making your purchase.

Free Shipping to Israel When Ordering Over 130 Israeli Shekel

All orders from Israel are available with free shipping if the minimum order value is 130 Israeli Shekel. There are four shipping options to Israel - DHL express, Global Air Delivery, Boxit, and Exelot. The order will be delivered to you within 8-12 days. You may keep in mind that the delivery dates may change depending on the transit flights. The Israel Government has put various restrictions on various products, including pet food, baby formula, beans, rice, and various medicaments. That is why it is necessary to check the limitations of the country to avoid ordering any prohibited products.

Free Shipping to Singapore When Ordering Over SG$60

All your purchases from iHerb over SG$60 can be delivered for free if you Express delivery option. Apart from this particular delivery option, there is another way to receive your products, which is SingPost. You can receive the order within 7-10 days after the package is shipped. The platform tries to block all the products that are not allowed to ship to Singapore. However, you need to check if the products you order do not contain poppy seeds or hemp. These ingredients are prohibited for delivery to Singapore.

Free Shipping to Malaysia When Ordering Over 170 Malaysian Ringgit

Free shipping to Malaysia is available with all orders over 170 Malaysian Ringgit. There are three delivery options, including DHL, Rincos/Skynet, and GD Express. When choosing the delivery option, you may also check the weight of the package, as each delivery option has a specific weight limit. The orders can be received at your mentioned address in Malaysia within 7-10 days. There are some products that are prohibited to deliver to the country. Therefore, make sure to check the list before ordering your products.

How to Calculate Shipping Costs?

Depending on the country you are making your purchases, there are various delivery options and limitations. iHerb arranges deliveries to over 185 countries with various shipping carriers. And based on the carrier you choose, there might be order limits as well. Free shipping is available to most countries with a specific minimum order value. After you choose the products you want to order, head to your cart to check the total amount to be paid, and head to the checkout page. If your order amount meets the minimum order value, you can get free shipping.

iHerb free shipping

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to Get Free Shipping?

iHerb mentions that there are some countries where free shipping is not available. However, most countries are available for free shipping when reaching the minimum order value. Apart from checking the total amount of the order, you should also check the weight of the package, as there are various conditions and weight limitations. So if you are making a large order, don't forget to pay attention to the weight of the total package too in order to take advantage of the free shipping.

iHerb Free Shipping Promo Code

Here at Yours Herbs, you may occasionally find iHerb promo code free shipping for you to use them and get your free delivery. We are regularly updating the list of our discount and voucher codes and include the promo codes of free delivery whenever they are available. Therefore, checking the availability of this special offer will allow you to get your free delivery with no specific order minimum value. You can also check the website of iHerb to see if there are any promotions and special deals that allow free shipping.

How Can I Get a Promo Code for Free Shipping at iHerb?

Free shipping with promo codes is available with the special codes that can be found on our platform. You can always check if there are any available iHerb free shipping coupons at Yours-Herbs and use them for your orders, regardless of the amount of your order. This is a great chance for you to use this advantage and make sure that you get the special deal.

Unique Promotional Code from Yours-Herbs for Free Shipping with iHerb

Our platform delivers the latest and up-to-date coupons for iHerb that provide not only various discounts but also a free delivery option. We regularly check the functionality of the iHerb free delivery codes so that you use them with convenience and don't face any issues in the process. iHerb discount code free shipping can regularly be found on our platform as well as many other coupons for iHerb.

How to Activate a Promotional Code for Free Shipping on the iHerb Official Website?

Once you check the availability of iHerb free international shipping code on our platform, you can easily use it on your order from iHerb. All you need to do is to copy the iHerb coupon code free shipping, head to the official website of iHerb, add all the products you want to acquire to the cart, and head to the checkout. Now, if you have a special promo code that will give you a free delivery option, you don't need to check if the final amount meets the order minimum value. You will only need to paste the copied code in the special area for the promo codes and submit it. You will instantly notice how the charge for shipping changes to free once you click the submit button. After double-checking all the details, you will be able to proceed with the purchase and pay only for the products you have picked.

iHerb free shipping code

What Should I Pay Attention to Before Activating the Promo Code for Free Shipping at iHerb?

Before you use the iHerb shipping discount code, there are several things to pay attention to. Make sure that the order you have placed does not exceed the weight limit of the delivery for your country. If the weight limit is exceeded, free delivery cannot be arranged even with the iHerb free shipping code. Secondly, make sure that you are using the specific code for free shipping. There are many voucher codes on our platform which you can use at iHerb. Depending on the special deals and offers, you can choose the most reasonable coupon that is available on our platform. Always check if your country of shipping is available for free delivery, as there are several countries, which do not have the free delivery option at iHerb.

Popular Questions and Answers

⇒ From what amount is free shipping on iHerb?

Depending on the country you are ordering the products from, the minimum order value may vary. Free delivery in the USA is available on all orders over $20. There are some countries where free delivery is not available at all so you can check the detailed information about the free delivery options on the official website of iHerb.

⇒ What is the best way to ship with iHerb?

There are various delivery options on iHerb based on the country you are located. DHL Express delivery is available in most countries. However, you can check the list of the delivery options for your specific country and choose the one that is the most preferable for you.

⇒ Where can I find an up-to-date iHerb promo code for free shipping?

Here at Yours-Herbs, we provide the most latest promo codes not only for discounts on various products but also for free delivery. Whenever you are buying something from iHerb, make sure to check our platform for available free shipping promo codes.

⇒ Can iHerb's free shipping be combined with other promotions?

No, you can choose only one promo code for each order you place. If you have several promo codes available, the system of the platform will choose the promo code, which will provide the highest saving on your order.

How to save on shopping at iHerb?

The main page of our website contains all the latest promo codes and promotions of the store. Add to bookmarks - codes are regularly updated!

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